Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All Around the Web - September 2, 2014

Thom Rainer - Ten Ways to Double Your Church Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
  1. Tie their work to the vision of the church. First, the church must have a clear and compelling vision. Then leaders should redundantly express how different volunteer ministries tie to that vision. Such a clarification gives purpose to the work of the volunteers. And without purpose, volunteer ministries struggle.
  2. Consider recruiting with specific end dates. If possible, recruit volunteers with a definitive term. They are much more likely to say “yes” if they know they will have a time when the work is done. At that time, they can renew their commitment or move to another area of passion.
  3. Recruit toward a member’s passion. Find out areas where members are already passionate and gifted. If not, you will have to recruit with compulsion or guilt. Volunteers recruited in that manner are not only likely to quit their work at the church; they are also likely to leave the church altogether.
  4. Honor your volunteers at least once a month. A number of churches have annual ministry appreciation banquets. That’s not sufficient. Leaders should find ways, even if it’s as simple as a phone call or email or letter, to honor volunteers at least monthly.
  5. Volunteer recruitment and retention should be the priority of the pastor. While pastors should by no means do all the work, they should make certain it is a priority focus of their ministries.
  6. Get your best leaders to oversee volunteer recruitment and retention. It’s just too important to hope oversight happens without strategy. Your best leaders should have the responsibility of oversight of these ministries.
  7. Communicate openly and frequently with volunteers. Indeed, a clear strategy should be in place for such communication. That is one reason why number 6 is so important.
  8. Recruit through relationships. Strategically ask people who already have healthy established relationships to work together in a ministry. Those relationships will be vital in keeping people motivated. After all, we all prefer to work with people we like.
  9. Provide periodic checkups. A critical part of the communication process should be a checkup to see how each volunteer is doing. It should be open, transparent, affirming, and non-threatening.
  10. Allow volunteers to quit honorably. Burnout is always a possibility. Members may discover that their ministry is actually a bad fit for them. They should have the prerogative of quitting, taking a break, or finding a new area of passion.

Radical - [VIDEO] David Platt’s Personal Testimony

Doug Wilson - Surveying the Text: Numbers
Even though God commanded that the bronze serpent be made, and those who looked to it in the time of Moses were acting in true faith, the serpent eventually became a snare. It had acquired the name Nehushtan, and Hezekiah rightly had it destroyed (1 Kings 18:4). Nevertheless, it was a type of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus. “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up” (John 3:14).

The people were afflicted (because of their grumbling) with the poison of “fiery serpents.” The word here is related to the word seraph, or seraphim. From this, and the description of the heavenly seraphim (Is. 6:2-3), I take these as some kind of poisonous winged serpent—small dragons. An image of one of these serpents was cast in bronze and impaled on a pole. Anyone who looked on their affliction there was healed of their affliction here.

That Christ uses this image to describe Himself on the cross is simply astonishing. God made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf (2 Cor. 5:21). When we look at Christ on the cross, we are looking at the crucifixion of all accusation. What is our snake bite? Is it not accusation? Is it not the sting of the law? Is it not the fact that we are guilty? So look there—there is your guilt, there is your condemnation, there is your poison. Look there and be free.

Monergism - 7 Free eBooks by B. B. Warfield
The following free eBooks by Benjamin Warfield are available in ePub and .mobi formats, accessible for your eReading device. These are classic works which are all highly recommended.  We believe no one should be held back from having a significant library of these important works because of cost so please spread the word to your friends so as many people as possible can make good use of this edifying literature.

Yahoo! - Library without books debuts at Florida’s newest college
The library opening with the first day of classes on Monday at Florida's newest college features a sunlit arched roof and cozy reading chairs - but not a single book.

A fully digital library is among the futuristic features of Florida Polytechnic University's striking dome-shaped building, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

"It's a boldly relevant decision to go forward without books," said Kathryn Miller, the university's director of libraries.

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