Thursday, September 4, 2014

Craig's Catechism: My Favorite Passages - Part 1

A few months ago I published my third book Knox's Colleague: The Life and Catechisms of John Craig. This project has been in the works for several years and involved a lot of research and editorial work. As the subtitle suggests, the book consists of a brief biography of one of Scotland's great theologians of the 16th Century along with his two great catechismal works.

Being that I did not grow up on reading catechisms, I was never taught to appreciate them. Now that I am older (and have children myself) I have fallen in love with the genre and genuinely love Craig's. I am not a presbyterian like Craig, but do appreciate the theological legacy of his two catechisms.

Therefore, below are a few of some of my favorite passages from his catechism.
Q. May we understand and receive the promise by ourselves?
A. No more than blind and dead men may see and walk.

Q. What is this promise called in the Scripture?
A. The gospel or glad tidings of salvation.

Q. What did the gospel do?
A. It offered to them mercy in Christ.

Q. Why is he called our only Prophet?
A. He ever was, is, and shall be the only teacher of the Church.

Q. What comfort do we have of the person of the Judge?
A. Our Savior, Advocate, and Mediator, shall only be our Judge.

Q. What is the church which we confess here?
A. The whole company of God’s elect called and sanctified.

Q. How many churches are there in the world?
A. One church, one Christ: as one body and the head.

Q. May men be joined with Christ and not with all his saints?
A. No, nor yet with the saints if not with Christ.

Q. What then is the infallible mark of Christ’s church?
A. The Word truly preached and professed.

Q. How often are our sins forgiven?
A. Continually even until our lives end.
In future post, I will highlight the rest but I think it is clear that Craig's catechisms deserve more notoriety and respect than it has been given in recent centuries. My hope is that scholars will reconsider Craig's story and theology.

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