Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spurgeon: The Word of God is Not Fiction

I love this gem from Charles Spurgeon from his sermon taken from Titus 1:2:

We might thus go through everything which concerns God, from prophesy to promises, and threats, and onwards and multiply observations, but we choose to close this point by observing that every word of instruction from God is most certainly true. It is astounding how much sensation is caused in the Christian Church by the outbreak, every now and then, of fresh phases of infidelity. I do not think that these alarms are at all warranted. It is what we must expect to the very end of this dispensation. If all carnal minds believed the Bible, I think the spiritual might almost begin to doubt it, but as there are always some who will attack it, I shall feel none the less confident in it. Really, the Book of God has stood so many attacks from such different quarters, that to be at all alarmed about it shows a very childish fear. When a rock has been standing all our lifetime, and has been known to stand firmly throughout all the ages of history, none but foolish people will think that the next wave will sweep it away. . . . 

But look at belief in Scripture, and at Scripture itself. The Bible is better understood, more prized, and I believe, on the whole, more practiced than ever it was since the day when its Author sent it abroad into the world. It course is still onward; and after all which has been done against it, no visible effect has been produced upon the granite wall of Scrip- tural Truth by all the pickaxes and boring rods which have been broken upon it! Walking through our Museums nowa- days, we smile at those who think that Scripture is not true. Every block of stone from Nineveh, every relic which has been brought from the Holy Land, speaks with a tongue which must be heard even by the deaf adder of Secularism and which says, “Yes, the Bible is true, and the Word of God is no fiction.” Beloved, we may rest assured that we have not a Word in the Book of God which is untrue! There may be an interpolation or two of man’s which ought to be revised and taken away, but the Book, as it comes from God, is Truth, and nothing but Truth—not only containing God’s Word, but being God’s Word—being not like a lump of gold inside a mass of quartz, but all gold, and nothing but gold! And being Inspired to the highest degree—I will not say verbally inspired, but more than that—having a fullness more than that which the letter can convey, having in it a profundity of meaning such as words never had when used by any other being, God having the power to speak a multitude of Truths at once. And when He means to teach us one thing accord- ing to our capability of receiving it, He often teaches us 20 other things which, for the time, we do not comprehend but which, by-and-by, as our senses are exercised, reveal themselves by the Holy Spirit. Every time I open my Bible I will read it as the Word of “God, who cannot lie,” and when I get a promise or a threat, I will either rejoice or tremble because I know that these stand fast.

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