Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sermon Resources on the Gospel of Matthew

I recently preached verse-by-verse through the Gospel of Matthew. As such I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in some great resources. Below are a few of them worth highlighting.

Jesus According to the Scriptures by Darrell Bock - This is one of the best books on Jesus and the Gospels in my library. Bock offers a harmony and survey of the Four Gospels. This was always one of the first resources I picked up. His comments on each passage are brief, yet fairly thorough.

Matthew by William Hendriksen -My favorite commentary on Matthew from my favorite commentary series: The New American Commentary Series.

Matthew, 4 volumes by John MacArthur - I have always been a big fan of John MacArthur and thus recommend his commentary series. With that said, the reader should know that his commentaries are essentially his sermons modified. In fact, if you are going to listen to MacArthur's treatment of a given text online, you will get more than what is published in his commentaries. At times, MacArthur would spend multiple hours on a certain passage while his commentary will give it only a chapter or two. Also, MacArthur does not footnote or cite much.

NIV Harmony of the Gospels by Robert Thomas and Stanley Gundry  - Every pastor needs a good harmony. I recommend this one as editors include great appendixes and the footnotes are insightful. For my thoughts on using harmonies when preaching through one of the gospels, click here.

The Murder of Jesus by John MacArthur - I have written a recommendation of this book. You can read it here.

Jesus and the Gospels by Craig Blomberg - One of the best introductory surveys of the Gospels.

Word Pictures in the New Testament: Matthew-Mark by A. T. Robertson - Robertson was one of the great scholars of his day and remains influential even today. This is a helpful resource that offers some insight into the Greek text.

Other recommended commentaries:
  • Matthew by John Broadus
  • The Gospel of Matthew by William Barclay
  • Matthew by Craig Blomberg
  • Commentary on the Harmony of the Gospels by John Calvin
  • Both commentaries by R. T. France
  • Matthew by Hershel Hobbs
  • Matthew by Craig Keener
  • Matthew thru Romans by J. Vernon McGee
  • The Gospel According to Matthew by Leon Morris
  • The Gospel of Matthew: A Commentary on the Greek Text by John Nolland 
  • Matthew by David Turner
Other recommended works on the Gospels, the New Testament, and Christology
  • The Passion Sermons of Martin Luther 
  • Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll
  • The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • The Gospel According to Jesus by John MacArthur
  • Mere Christianity by CS Lewis 
  • Greek New Testament by 
  • New Testament History by F. F. Bruce 
  • The Jesus We Missed: The Surprising Truth About the Humanity of Christ by Patrick Henry Reardon
  • Jesus the Messiah by Robert Stein

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