Thursday, June 18, 2015

Creative Non-Fiction: Dolezal and Jenner on the Moral Anarchy of Our Age

When the news broke that the new President of the NAACP in Spokane, WA , Rachel Dolezal, was actually a white woman masquerading as a black female, everyone took notice and the story went viral. For the most part, she has been criticized as a phony and a fake. Why would anyone who is biologically white self-identify as African-American?

Though the story is another tragic parable of postmodernity run amuk, traditionalists like myself have enjoyed the irony. Bruce Jenner, though biologically a man, self-identifies as a woman and thus has gone through an entire gender transformation, adopted a feminine name, and has been received with open arms by the broader culture.

What we have been asking is how is Bruce Jenner any different than Rachel Dolezal? Though she is biologically one thing, she self-identifies as another; just like Jenner. Why does the left see gender as fluid but not race? If we are to celebrate transgenderism why not transracism?

In a recent interview on NBC News, Dolezal defended her actions and identity in striking language. She makes the same arguments as Jenner:
Rachel Dolezal, the former president of the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington, chapter who has been pretending to be black, told NBC News on Tuesday that she’s never lied to anyone about her race.

“Let me just ask you plainly,” NBC’s Savannah Guthrie said. “Have you ever lied about your race?”

“No,” Doleful replied, “because never have I been asked, ‘are you human or are you not human?’ Race as a construct has a fluid understanding. So I would say no.”

When asked if she’s been “deceptive at all,” Dolezal admitted there have been moments of “creative non-fiction” in order to “survive” or “protect” loved ones. (Source)
"Creative non-fiction" is one way of putting it I guess.

The key quote is: "Race as a construct has a fluid understanding." I am not entirely for sure what that means, but one can easily see the relationship between Dolezal on race and Jenner on gender.

What Dolezal has done is illustrate the lunacy of the moral anarchy of our age. If both gender and marriage is a fluid construct why not gender or anything else? Deconstructionism has redefined everything - everything - to the point that words have no meaning and thus we have chaos.

Here I would point us back to the beauty of the gospel and the Christian vision. As image bearers, God makes no mistakes. Gender is good; race is good; marriage is good; and God is glorified in all of them.
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