Friday, July 17, 2015

The "Disposition of Fetal Remains": The Hijacking of Language Continues

I believe the reason progressive ideology continues to, well, progress is the result of their lordship of language. The average American is tired of political correctness and its ongoing encroachment of the freedom of speech. Yet what is happening with political correctness is more than the feminization of the culture. The hijacking of language is how the left promotes its ideology.

To promote sexual anarchy by suggesting people should be able to have relationships with whoever and however they want to will not sell. Try telling a concerned father that his daughter should enroll in an overpriced class at the local university that promotes polyamory, transgenderism, and bondage as sexual expression will be a difficult sale. But pound the word "love" and people will listen and buy into all sorts of sexual shame.

The abortion advocates have done the same. The unborn child is never referred to as a baby or even as a human, but as a fetus or as tissue. They are described as being pro-"choice" in spite of the unborn's ability to choose. The left does not advocate choice, but filicide.

Words have meaning. When the left advances morally questionable behavior, they change the language.

This was illustrated by the Associated Press (AP) in their coverage of the documented allegations that Planned Parenthood sells the organs of infants aborted by means of partial-birth abortion. The AP originally described the video as "the disposition of parts from aborted fetuses." Here is the first line in the original article:

Anti-abortion activists on Tuesday released an undercover video showing a senior Planned Parenthood official discussing the disposition of parts from aborted fetuses.(source: Newsbusters)
Again, note the language. It is easy for the average reader to gloss over the language, but what it describes is truly horrifying. What the AP describes as "the disposition of parts from aborted fetuses" is the profiteering on the part of Planned Parenthood of infant organs murdered by means of partial-birth abortion.

The AP later described it as the "disposition of fetal remains." Of course the AP isn't the only news outlet or progressive organization to sabotage the language in order to soften the story. This is what the left does. Instead of speaking honestly about the subject, the language is massaged in their favor.

But it is imperative that we continue to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. The unborn are being slaughtered everyday and now we learned they are being harvested for profits. Language has meaning and we must not redefine what is really happening here.

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