Friday, April 29, 2016

The Journal of Joseph Craig - Chapter 10

One of the great byproducts of the Internet and the digital age is its working in saving great books in history that are at risk of being lost. In my effort to research my ancestors who were ministers like myself, this work has become even more prescient to me. One of my ancestors (a Great uncle) was a man named Joseph Craig who was among the Traveling Church who came to Kentucky in 1781 fleeing Anglican persecution in Virginia. In the coming weeks, I want to offer his journal which gives a personal and unique insight in pioneer American Baptists life. Thanks to the Internet, is story is being preserved for future generations.

February 15, 1813

It is thirty-one years since I came to Kentucky. I have sold corn every year in general. I think about one-hundred barrels in each year. I had thirty or forty thousand acres of land surveyed, and chopped around great parts of it myself and I have no law about any of it, nor do I owe a dollar in the world as I know of. I have raised ten sons and daughters, and given them some learning, and some property towards keeping house: and in all this I have tried to act to the glory of God. Have I fought a fight? In which time I have sinned often, but not willingly or willfully but as my sinful nature caused me to do. But bless God a feel a free pardon of all them and divine life and love flower through my heart-believing to my soul's satisfaction, he loves me. In forty-seven years, I seldom neglected kneeling on my knees, and praying to the Almighty God for his blessing and care.

This I count only as a proof of my faith in the Lord.

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