Friday, April 15, 2016

The Journal of Joseph Craig - Chapter 8

One of the great byproducts of the Internet and the digital age is its working in saving great books in history that are at risk of being lost. In my effort to research my ancestors who were ministers like myself, this work has become even more prescient to me. One of my ancestors (a Great uncle) was a man named Joseph Craig who was among the Travelling Church who came to Kentucky in 1781 fleeing Anglican persecution in Virginia. In the coming weeks, I want to offer his journal which gives a personal and unique insight in pioneer American Baptists life. Thanks to the Internet, is story is being preserved for future generations.

An account of my life from September 1811 until the sixteenth of August, 1812.

I came home near the last of September, 1811 very sore, with ringworms over great part of my body and limbs. I had a burning pain and sickness in my breast; which held me the fall, and winter, and spring. My sores in the winter were so bad that many a night I thought I should die before day. During these severe afflictions of body, I had in addition thereto, very severe conflicts of the mind, accompanied with doubts and fears, whether I was a Christian or no.

But when summer came on, my sores mostly cured up; but still a burning sickness in my breast continued, so as to make me think I should die in a few days. On the 16th of August, I bless God, I got to believe that all would work for my good. For the most part of this month, the Lord seemed to be good, and kind, and gracious to me, and sent his comforter to abide, I believe, with me and in me, so as to make me want to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. As for the most part of these two weeks past, he gave me to feel his love in me, as evidently as I felt the food I ate. Glory, power thanks, love, and obedience be given to him, for he is worthy to receive endless praise. August 19th I feel week, feeble, and sickly; but thank the blessed Lord my faith is strong in "him who made the worlds."-that he is my portion, and that he will take care of me and bring me to his kingdom and Glory (Amen). I was going to die, and felt as if the Lord would save my soul if I did die.

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