Friday, May 6, 2016

The Journal of Joseph Craig - Chapter 11

One of the great byproducts of the Internet and the digital age is its working in saving great books in history that are at risk of being lost. In my effort to research my ancestors who were ministers like myself, this work has become even more prescient to me. One of my ancestors (a Great uncle) was a man named Joseph Craig who was among the Traveling Church who came to Kentucky in 1781 fleeing Anglican persecution in Virginia. In the coming weeks, I want to offer his journal which gives a personal and unique insight in pioneer American Baptists life. Thanks to the Internet, is story is being preserved for future generations.

Being an address to my daughters.

My dear Daughters

I have been troubled much about your souls. The Lord has given me to know a great deal of his goodness and severity of his ways and doings with the children of men. I have felt much of the effects of both heaven and hell. Once when I was sick, I was near despair--the sorrows of hell seemed to be on me; and when the Lord of late and other times, revealed his love to me it was a taste of heaven. Thus I have had a great sight of heaven and hell. Now my very dear daughters (you are welcome)-- when a sinner dies the devil or some of his angels comes for him and death and hell comes with him. Now my very dear daughters--to heaven and Christ and if you love him, he will love you and reveal his love and glory to you. But if you slight him, he will slight you, and behave as one jealous towards you and often cross you.

My very dear daughters, take my counsel, and when good meetings are about, go to them, and get your hearts empty of the things of this life, till you can, Lord, I have left all and follow thee, as Peter once said. O my dear seek the Lord while he may be found, and call upon him while he is near. O mind his promises in the Testament.

Pray without ceasing-when you stand, when you lie, sit or go, pray Lord help me. Take my counsel my dears and don't {?} until you find this love in your hearts. Farewell-and you will fare well if you find Him of whom Moses and the Prophets did write.

Joseph Craig
To my daughters L. and P. [Lucy DuPuy and Polly Mitchum]
March 13 1813

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