Thursday, June 16, 2016

On Orlando and the Strange Alliance Between Islam and the LGBT Community

The strange alliance between the progressive LGBT community and Islam is a fickle and likely a brief one. If you are looking for the folly of cultural Marxism, do not look farther than here. The two worldviews - one with its loyalty to Aphrodite and the other with loyalty to Allah - cannot coexist without a common enemy: Christianity.

The recent tragedy in Orlando where dozens of innocent image bearers, regardless of their sexual preferences, were murdered in cold-blood by an Islamic radical should illustrate why the progressive sympathies toward Islam will never work. The Muslim community has nothing in common with progressive ideology. Wherever Islam is dominant, progressive social causes are unwelcomed (and in some cases, even criminalized) from environmentalism to gun free zones to erotic liberty to safe zones for hurt feelings.

In predominately Muslim countries, homosexuals are not fighting for their right to marry or even to force bakers to do their weddings, but for their right to live. Yet the strongest rhetoric of the left is not toward true homophobia but toward Christians who have the audacity to exercise their Constitutional right to not have their conscience violated.

The Orlando shooting is illustrative of this. Does anyone with a straight face really believe that any form of gun control, regardless of one's position on the issue, would have stopped a violent madman from committing mass murder against a people-group he loathed? The criminal in this case is not the weapons, but the criminal who used them.

Yet in cultural Marxism alliances must be made, and for now the progressive LGBT community, in their effort to demoralize, demean, defame, and destroy conscientious objectors in the Evangelical community refuse to condemn violent extremism in the Islamic community. Islam, we are told, is a religion of peace (and most Muslims are). Therefore, members of the Islamic State are not adherents of Islam.

This is not how Christianity operates. As a believer in Christ I condemn this round of violence. I condemn both the man and the worldview that drove it. A just society should not tolerate dangerous ideologies that seeks to eliminate others. Also, as a Christian, though I have serious objections to the lifestyle choices of those in the club affected by this senseless violence, I weep with those who weep. Their blood cries out from the ground for justice and we must pray that justice in done in this life and in the next. I also pray that redemption is found by all in the blood of Jesus. This cycle of violence will not end until we repent and come to the cross.

So maybe Orlando is the fist crack in this strange alliance between the left and Islam, but I have my doubts. In the end, it will be orthodox Christianity who will be made the villains somehow. Yet I remain hopeful. It is the followers of Christ who are on their knees praying for healing knowing that God will answer them.

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