Thursday, June 23, 2016

Who's To Blame for Orlando? Christians of Course: The Logic of the Left

As I predicted, Christians are being blamed for the terror attack in Orlando last week. Even though the assailant went out of his way to identify himself with the Islamic State, an international terror group more radical than Al Qaeda, the secular left is using the assault on the gay night club to attack conservative evangelicalism.

At the National Review, David French chronicles and criticizes this response from many in the public square. First, the evidence:
Yesterday, Anderson Cooper grilled Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, accusing her of hypocrisy for expressions of support for slain Floridians. Why was she hypocritical? Because she opposed same-sex marriage. [he then embedded this interview video]
Today, the New York Times editorialized about the domestic threat to LGBT Americans and declared that they were “casualties of a society where hate has deep roots.” The “society” the Times condemned wasn’t the ISIS caliphate — it was America, and specifically states such as Texas and North Carolina that are fighting federal edicts that demand that men should have access to women’s restrooms. The Times couldn’t bring itself to condemn Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but it attacked North Carolina governor Pat McCrory and Texas governor Greg Abbott. 
Even well-meaning Christians are adopting the secular-progressive line. In a viral Facebook post, popular writer and speaker Jen Hatmaker declared, “We cannot with any integrity honor in death those we failed to honor in life.” She then proceeded to offer a standard leftist broadside against Evangelicals, arguing that Christian “anti-LGBTQ sentiment has paved a long runway to hate crimes.”
The logic is ridiculous to say the least. The argument goes that to hold fast to the traditional belief that homosexuality is an immoral lifestyle is bear some responsibility for contributing to a culture of bigotry which feeds such violence. 

Such logic is not only ridiculous, it is dangerous and, dare I say, bigoted. French goes on to add, "Some on the left simply refuse to believe what terrorists say about themselves and about their intentions." Or, as a friend mentioned to me, the left will not hesitate to embrace a young man who identifies as a woman and even give him access to their daughter's restroom, yet, when a young Islamic man goes out of his way to commit an act of terror in the name of ISIS, the left will go out of its way to question his identity and even blame shift the guilt onto American Christians (and their guns) whose first response is always to "weep with those who weep," regardless of their sexual preferences. French describes it as:
The result is bigotry running two ways — an unreasoning, irrational hatred of American Christians and a comprehensive denial of Muslim moral agency. American Christians are responsible for things they don’t believe. Sharia-observant Muslims, by contrast, aren’t responsible for the things they do believe.
Ultimately, we see the bankruptcy of secularism. Being unable to condemn the wickedness of Islamic jihad which actively executes homosexuals, the progressive left is a walking contradiction that cares more about undermining and destroying Christianity rather than promoting justice and peace. 

Christianity is not to blame for the tragic events in Orlando last week. Omar Mateen and the ideology that drove him is. Pure and simple. If we cannot see that, America is in more danger than we previously thought.

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