Friday, July 15, 2016

From Spurgeon's Pulpit: Hearers Toy With Preaching

From Spurgeon's sermon "Two Sorts of Hearers":
While preachers too often toy with preaching, how much there is among hearers of the same fashion? Hearing is often merely a critical exercise and the question after a sermon is not, “How was that Truth of God fitted to your case?” but, “How did you like him ?” as if that had anything to do with it! When you hear music, do you ask, “How did you like the trumpet?” No, it is the music —not the instrument— that your mind thinks about! Yet many persons always consider the minister rather than his message. Many contrast one preacher with another when they should contrast themselves with the Divine Law. Thus hearing the Gospel is degraded into a pastime and judged to be little better than a theatrical entertainment.

Such things must not be! Preachers must preach as for eternity and look for fruit —and hearers must carry out what they hear, or otherwise the sacred ordinance of preaching will cease to be the channel of blessing and will rather be an insult to God and a mockery to the souls of men! I shall, not, at great length, but I hope with much earnestness, speak of two classes of hearers— the unblessed class , and the second, the class who according to the text, are blessed in their deed.
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