Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Erick Erickson on the Left's Shameful Blindness

Last week, the Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro, who has thumbed his nose at the United States for decades, met his Maker. The reaction to his passing has been, to say the least, shocking from the American and international left. Castro was no friend of humanity or the innocent, but was a violent man with gallons of blood on his hands.

The hypocrisy of their praise of Castro should be immediately felt when you consider the left's disdain for the President-elect. While lecturing the soon-to-be vice-president and threatening to flea the country because the Trump administration promises to be a period of severe misogyny and racism, the left is actually praising a man who murdered in the name of homophobia and racism.

This is the point Erick Erickson makes brilliantly in an article at his site The Resurgent. He writes:
It is impossible to take seriously any person who thinks Donald Trump is a threat to freedom and democracy when that same person mourns the loss of Fidel Castro. But that is what we are seeing from the American left.

Many are hailing him as a hero of the poor, though he kept people in poverty. They hail his success at universal healthcare, though the Cuban healthcare system is in shambles. They hail him as a hero for equality despite his implementation of racist policies that kept black Cubans out of government and in the shadows. They turn a blind eye to how he treated gays and AIDS patients.

They ignore the many people tortured and killed by Fidel Castro.
Again, I am no fan of Donald Trump and voted for neither major party candidate. Yet the ease in which the secular left can praise brutal dictators who murder detractors while loathing conservatives from their own country is unfathomable and reveals just how far gone the American left truly is.

The solution to America will not be a political one, but clearly a spiritual one. Such confused depravity cannot be resolved by fiat or a stroke of a pen, but only by the gospel of Christ.

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