Tuesday, November 8, 2016

John MacArthur Will Be Voting for Donald Trump Today

In a recent panel discussion, John MacArthur, known for his biblical exposition and uneasiness in publically dealing directly with cultural and political issues, came out public in favor with voting for Donald Trump; a decision, admittedly leaves me dumbfounded. I will not interact with everything he argues here, but one is hard pressed to to connect his defense of "worldview" with the Trump campaign. His primary concern is articulated at the end where he argues that Trump is an unknown component (a problem in of itself) whereas Hillary is a known component and what we know about Mrs. Clinton should deeply trouble Americans in general and Christians in particular. Though I agree with this latter argument, that does not automatically mean one should ignore who Trump is, what he has said, what he has done, and hand the executive branch over to an unstable, immoral womanizer.

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