Monday, November 28, 2016

"Life on Mission" by Dustin Willis & Aaron Coe: A Review

Our role as everyday missionaries is to introduce people to Jesus, actively be part of their journey to become like Christ, and teach them to repeat the process with others. (33)

As Christians each and everyone of us are called to be missionaries. Somehow, most believers, for whatever reasons, have missed this. We cannot afford to stand on the sidelines and let others do most of the heavy lifting for us anymore. In their book Life on Mission: Joining the Everyday Mission of God, authors Dustin Willis and Aaron Coe both challenge and shepherd the reader to become everyday missionaries wherever they are.

I first came across Willis and Coe's work through their simple 3 Circle's gospel presentation which can be viewed below:

(For another presentation of the above, click here)

Though the authors walk the reader through the above presentation, it is a small part of this volume. The authors primarily challenge us to see ourselves as missionaries and to walk us through how to actively engage our neighbors and immediate community.

As a pastor who cares deeply about theology, I am grateful for their careful discussion of how our theology ought to drive us to missions. Our understanding of creation, God, discipleship, the church, and other key doctrines deeply shape our understanding and drive to missions.

The most practical section is saved for the end. The authors walk the reader through how to (through the 4 I's) Identify who to engage, how to Invest in them for gospel ministry, how to Invite to repentance, and how to Increase in ministry by leading others to see themselves as missionaries. This is a great model for everyday Christians to follow.

As a pastor who desperately wants his flock to understand this, I highly recommend this work. This work is accessible and intended to be understood by the average Christian. The key to church growth is not updating the style of music, but the equipping of saints for the purpose of ministry. Life on Mission is a helpful resource to accomplish that.

This book was given to me for free for the purpose of this review.
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