Friday, January 27, 2017

Canaanite Baby Killers

Doug Wilson's recent article on the recent women's march is stinging especially the following paragraph:
These are the people who, if you were talking to them about the authority of the Scriptures, would protest that the Bible cannot be taken as the Word of God because it required the extermination of Canaanite men, women and children. These are the same people who, just two days ago, were out there marching in the defense of their own right to slaughter their own children. In short, they do not object to taking of human life, but rather they object to the taking of Canaanite life by the God of Scripture. They object to this because they are obviously Canaanites, and so the whole set up makes them nervous. They do agree that the deity has the right to take life as the deity wills it—they just insist on the right to be the deity.
Once again we see that idealogy, including political and moral idealogy, is religious in nature. The debates of the day are not social but theological. The Canaanites of our day, as Wilson aptly describes them, are aghast of a God who condemns and judges - even kills - the wicked but does not hesitate to sacrifice their own children to the gods of individual expression.

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