Tuesday, March 28, 2017

No King But Caesar: The Shocking Truth of that Confession

The modern sexual revolution is not new nor is it a threat that the church cannot survive or even thrive in. The world in which Christianity was born was sexually decedent. One of the best books on how Christianity navigated through the Roman world is Matthew Rueger's Sexual Morality in a Christless World. One striking section is when he zero's in on the Ceasar's to illustrate how depraved Roman culture had become. Consider the following regarding Tiberius:
Following the death of Augustus, Tiberius reigned. His sexual immorality exceeded Augustus. he is said to have created a new publicly funded office for attending to his sexual pleasures. His retreat on the isle of Capri was created to be a sexual playground for his fantasies.
In his retreat at Capri, he also contrived an apartment containing couches, and adapted to the secret practice of abominable lewdness, where he entertained companies of girls and catamites, and assembled from all quarters inventors of unnatural copulations, whom he called Spintriae, who defiled one another in his presence, to inflame by the exhibition the languid appetite. . . . He likewise contrived recesses in woods and groves for the gratification of lust, where young persons of both sexes prostituted themselves in caves and hollow rocks, in the disguise of little Pans and Nymphs.
Tiberius was known to practice pedophilia. He found pretty boys and trained them to swim with him in his pool in perverse ways. They were to swim between his thighs and 'nibble on his private parts.' Tacitus supports Suetonius's claims about the Emperor, recording that Tiberius debauched freeborn children and was guilty of sexual abominations so perverse that new names had to be invented for them. Such unspeakable behavior was not prosecuted. Tiberius was a sexual predator, a rapist, pedophile, and a bi-sexual adulterer. He does not seem to have been well-liked by the public. A neighboring king wrote him accusing him of murder, cowardice, and sexual perversity and suggested he kill himself to satisfy the hatred of his own people. Yet Tiberius's deeds stood without public trial and punishment. This was the Roman Emperor in power when Christ was crucified. When the Jews shouted at Jesus' trial that they had no king but Caesar (John 19:15), this was the Caesar whom they were willing to serve. Jesus was a greater offense to them than Tiberius. (28)
 Those last lines are simply astounding. We are walking down that same road again.
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