Monday, April 17, 2017

"Resolving Everyday Conflict" by Ken Sande & Kevin Johnson: A Review

Peacemaking comes naturally to no one. (13)

Where there are people, there is conflict. The real problem comes with knowing how to best resolve conflict. As a pastor, handling congregational and personal conflict is a constant challenge. Thus with much anticipation I read the brief book by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson Resolving Everyday Conflict.

The book is simple and summarizes the author's broader ministry and work in biblical conflict resolution. For those new to their ministry, this is an excellent introduction. The book surveys the source, cause, how to contribute to conflict, a survey of what Scripture says about conflict, and how the gospel draws us to resolve conflict.

In the end, conflict resolution requires two people to embrace humility over pride; repentance over entitlement; love over anger; peacemaking over anger. The authors guide us through this process. Perhaps one of the most practical sections regards the slope of how we respond to conflict which ranges from escapism to reconciliation to anger and violence.

Overall, this is a helpful work that is a great source for local churches. I intend on walking our church through it in hopes we will apply it to both our personal and corporate lives.
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