Monday, April 10, 2017

"Transgender" by Vaughan Roberts: A Review

We need to begin by remembering that we are not simply talking about "issues" here, but people; precious individuals, each created and loved by God. Most of them don't have a strong political agenda or any desire to fight in a "culture war"; they are simply trying to cope with feelings that may well cause them great distress. Too often they are begin damaged int eh crossfire of what can become a very heated debate. As will become clear later, I do think Christians should contribute to that public discussion, but it's vitally important that we do so with great sensitivity and compassion. let's never forget those who are most deeply affected by this subject and let's ensure that we try to understand what they are experiencing. (14)

Although I am unaware of any poll or any other scientific effort to verify the following assertion, but I suspect that most evangelicals believe the sudden transgender onslaught is the greatest threat to Christianity in modern history. Most would have said it was homosexuality, but gender dysphoria raises a number of unique challenges to civil society and Christianity. Thus it is imperative that Christians better understand the transgender movement.

A helpful introduction to this new challenge is Transgender by Vaughan Roberts. The author provides a very basic introduction to transgenderism and gender dyspohoria without getting lost in all the debates and conversations. The purpose of this book is to help the average believer to better understand the issue in order to better arm the average believer and in that regard Roberts succeeds.

The real strength of the book, in addition to staying simple, is its gospel and biblical focus. Such a focus is pastoral and theologically robust. It is not enough to know what we are against but how we can best minister to broken people in our society. The author, then, walks the reader through the storyline of Scripture from creation to fall to redemption to consummation.

The rise of gender confusion does not need to be as daunting as many fear. Roberts shows us why here and why the gospel gives us every reason to hope.
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