Thursday, May 18, 2017

Recommended Books on Spiritual Warfare

Sunday evening we finished our brief series on spiritual warfare. You can access both sermons at the bottom of this post. In light of that, I want to pass along a number of helpful resources on the subject that will allow you to explore the subject in more detail.

Did the Devil Make Me Do It? by Mike McKinley 

This short volume is part of the the "Questions Christians ask" book series published by The Good Book Company. Like the other books in this series, the author offers a simple and precise introduction to the subject at hand. This book is brief and helpfully summarizes the question of spiritual warfare. This volume is not long enough to answer every question you may have, but if you are new to the subject, I recommend you start here.

3 Crucial Questions about Spiritual Warfare by Clinton Arnold

The best book I have read on the subject of spiritual warfare is Clinton Arnold's work. It is part of the Three Crucial Questions series. Although its structure is centered around three questions: What is Spiritual Warfare?, Can a Christian Be Demon-Possessed?, Are We Called to Engage Territorial Spirits?, the book explores much more than this. Arnold offers a much more thorough exploration of spiritual warfare.

Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis 

Lewis is one of my favorite writers of the 20th century. In this work, the late apologists imagines a series of letters from senior demon Uncle Screwtape to his apprentice nephew Wormwood on how to tempt his Christian subject. In my opinion, Screwtape Letters is one of those books that every Christian should read and reread throughout their lives.

Discipled Warriors: Growing Healthy Churches That Are Equipped for Spiritual Warfare by Chuck Lawless 

I will admit up front that I have not sat down and read this book cover to cover. Not yet at least. But have interacted with Dr. Lawless personally (he taught at SBTS) and have followed much of his teachings on spiritual warfare. I suspect that he is one of the most influential voices on spiritual warfare among Baptists today. This is his primary work and was followed by the book Putting on the Armor: Equipped and Deployed for Spiritual Warfare.

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