Thursday, July 27, 2017

My New Book: "The Pioneer Baptist Preacher"

When I surrendered to the call of ministry, I was told that a number of my ancestors were themselves Baptist pastors. Ever since then, I have had unquenchable interest in knowing more about their story. I have already published one book on my earliest Protestant ancestor, John Craig, who was a colleague of John Knox in Scotland as well as the history of Baptist migration from Virginia into Kentucky during the time of religious persecution (here).

My new book continues this trend. It is a republished biography of Lewis Craig, first published by Lewis Thompson in 1910. Lewis was a baptist pioneer who suffered religious persecution in Virginia and established some of the earliest Baptist churches and associations in Kentucky. The book is entitled The Pioneer Baptist Preacher: The Life, Labors, and Character of Lewis Craig. Here is the description:
In the decade prior to America declaring independence from England, the Virginia colony persecuted, prosecuted, and abused over thirty Baptist ministers. One of the first preachers hauled before the court was Lewis Craig (1737-1825). While on trial, Craig preached Christ launching the Baptist fight for religious liberty in Virginia. Years later he would migrate to Kentucky and become a prominent pastor and church planter. This volume tells the story of this pioneer Baptist preacher from his struggle for liberty in the Old Dominion to his pastoral work in the Bluegrass. First published in 1910, Lewis Thompson offers the only full biography available. This volume has updated Thompson's original volume with additional information.
You can buy the book on Amazon here and from the publisher here.

The book includes the original biography fully cited (the original lacked citations) as well as numerous footnotes filling in the story of Lewis Craig. It also includes a new introduction, a timeline of Virginia and Kentucky Baptist history, as well as an essay on Separatist and Regular Baptist theology.

The book is currently at its lowest price, so now is the time to buy.

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